CATALYST - One event that causes change to happen at a faster rate than thought possible.     

       One person living on the street will cost a community more than $30,000 a year in services and support.
What if it was achievable to use just a small fraction of that amount and start a chain reaction that
breaks a homeless person free from homelessness forever?
 That's exactly what we do!

       West Coast Care (WCC) is able to accomplish this without the cost of maintaining expensive buildings
and parking lots. We take the
"Power of the Rehab" and other dynamic strategies directly to the homeless on
the Westside of Los Angeles. Since 2006, WCC has touched the lives of more than
12,000 homeless. Our
mission has become the CATALYST needed to make this happen.
       "They knew exactly what to do to get me going again!"  Frank - Reunited with his wife and kids.
       "I can't thank you enough for getting our son home to us."  Debbie - Her runaway son is home.  
       "They never gave up on me. They kept coming back."  Cheryl - Now working in Boston.


       A truly excellent life can be measured by how well we use our resources and abilities to change the destiny
of someone less fortunate.
One way to accomplish this exceptional life is by helping someone who is suffering
in this extreme form of poverty.
Join with us in the fight to end homelessness. Thank you for your abundant
gifts and compassion for the homeless. Please
remember to give today!

       Give by mail:
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               Santa Monica, CA 90403

       Give online:
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       Need more info? Contact:
               Ron Hooks
               Executive Director

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       West Coast Care is endorsed by the City of Santa Monica.
  West Coast Care is a 501c3 non-profit charity. Your financial gifts are tax-deductible. All Rights Reserved @ 2014.
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The CATALYST Concept
Street homelessness is down more than 70%.
WCC has helped make this possible.
Takin' It to the Streets
The Doobie Brothers
"Takin' It to the Streets"  1976