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Getting the Homeless Home
Mail your checks to:
      West Coast Care
      1223 Wilshire Blvd.  #865
      Santa Monica, CA 90403

Give online to make an immediate impact:

For more info contact:
      Ron Hooks
      Executive Director

                                      West Coast Care is a 501c3 non-profit charity. Your financial gifts are tax-deductible.
We've developed a revolutionary outreach program that gets people off the streets and gets them going
again. We provide motivational counseling and the right incentives that lifts people up and challenges
them to move forward with their lives.

Our passion is to help the homeless get reconnected with their families. When reunification is not an
immediate possibility we move quickly to develop an action plan that helps the homeless secure local
housing, treatment, employment opportunities, and a host of other supports.

From a single encounter filled with encouragement to facilitating the trip home, we offer a wide range of
services that reduce homelessness in a compassionate way.

Join us in this opportunity to end homelessness for many and experience the joy of giving. Your financial
gifts will help rescue another homeless person or family from this extreme form of poverty. Our goal is to
help every homeless person that we meet find a way off the streets. Your help will make it possible.
Please give today!